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Oct 5, 2012 5:00am EDT
will appear during the 8:00 hour. she's one of several celebrities including oprah winfrey and steven colbert who are filling in for robin roberts. abc is in talks with first lady michelle obama for a similar guest appearance to happen before next month's election. >> of a chaotic scene caught on tape, a raging apartment fire in northwest d.c. firefighters rushed to save people trapped inside. four people were taken to a hospital. brianne carter joins us from k street. >> this was a fast-moving fire according to residents. there is boarded up by firefighters after all this happened. residents say it was very scary. shooting straight up smoke and flames quickly covered the apartment building while residents were still inside. >> we ran inside to get people out. >> zack erin peterson and several others tried to help their neighbors, but the fire was too much. firefighters used a ladder truck to get them down. >> if it had been three minutes later, we would have had to jump. >> this boy's stepfather try to get out on his own from his third story window, but he fell. >> on the ground. >> been per
Oct 12, 2012 5:00am EDT
in benghazi that killed ambassador chris stevens and three others. paul ryan accused the administration of failing to provide sufficient security in libya and misleading the public. following public assaults >> they sent the u.n. ambassador out pesetas was because of a protest of a youtube video. it tookwo weeks to acknowledge this as a. terrorist >> joe bide-- was a terrorist attack. >> paul ryan said that obama's for politics america appear weak. >> not a single thing he said is accurate. >> and -- >> they are holding hostage the middle class tax cut because they will not allow its domestic and give a tax cut for the super wealthy. >> our plan is to grow economy and create jobs. >> paul ryan rarely raised his voice but got an audience reaction with best -- >> i think the vice presidentsometimes the words don't come out to the right way. [laughter] >> both men laid out exactly what both campaigns had been trumpeting the entire election season -- extremely different visions for the nation. in power listees both foreign and domestic and even as two catholic men discussing abortion. --cr
Oct 15, 2012 5:00am EDT
policy and likely will include benghazi, libya, which killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens. 5:05, 64 degrees. >> a very special delivery. 5:05, 64 degrees. >> a very special delivery. eggs, bacon, and pancakes. denny's everyday value slam is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day. only at denny's. ♪ use f freedom and get cash back. ♪k. ♪ five percent at best buy. ♪ wow my definition is high. activate your 5% cash back at ♪ everybody get, everybody get! ♪ >> an amazing moment captured on camera in australia. but she gives birth to a 5 cups. birth to 5gives cubs. a multiple birth like this is at the they're using cameras to make righ -- arel all all right. get a look at our forecast with meteorologist jacqui jeras. temperatures are really good to start. o have some rain in the forecast. are here already. but the rain is still holding off to our west. back in line will creep in hours from now. so it should hold off for the morning commut
Oct 16, 2012 5:00am EDT
in , libya, that killed stevens andhris americans. hillary clinton says when it comes to protecting american overseas, the buck here with her. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state posts.ent the president and vice president betainly would not knowledgeable about specific made by security professionals. >> joe biden added fuel to the last week's vice- debate when he said the white house was not aware of increase security. >> we were not told they wanted security. >> that contradicted state epartment employees who that the request to boost security had been made and was rejected. clinton says she's not surprised taken time to sort out the details. there's always going to be fog of war. the it's fair to say that everyone had the same intelligence. >> she does not want the benghazi incident to become some of blame game. police in houston are looking those who vandalized a mural of president obama. evangel painted over the president's eyes with the paint. a nearby restaurant owner who commissioned the mural says he already hired the original repaint.o owner plansant o presidential
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4